All paintings are unframed watercolors.
Sizes vary. Prices range from $50.00 to $200.00. Contact us for a quote

Just announced! We offer high resolution photo files via email of any painting in this collection for $10.00 each. Print yourself or transfer to a flash drive and take to an printing and enlargement center. Contact We accept PayPal.

P04 On the Trail
P01 Fishin'
P02 Canada
P03 Canada
P07 Basket Madonna
P09 Stage Stop
P05 Poppies
P06 GG Park
P08 Three Roses
P12 Coyote Valley
P10 Great Wall
P11 Asilomar
P13 Floral 
P14 Rose Garden
P15 Iris Valley
P16 Red Rose
P17 Pumpkin Market